Friday, 12 June 2009

Garden blooms

Very little opportunity for wildlife watching this week apart from peering out of the window each evening and watching young Great Tits, Blue Tits and Greenfinches visiting for a quick snack.
I took a stroll round the garden tonight and here are just a few images of the current blooms.

Rosa 'Compassion' (AGM)
Clematis chilsansis 'Lemon Bells'
This flowers from May to August & exceeds 5m so one of the neighbours is going to get a good show as well!

Deutzia x hybrida 'Pink Pompom'

Philladelphus 'Innocence' (fragrant)

Spirea 'Little Princess' (only 20" high)

Echinops bannaticus 'Taplan Blue'.
The bees will love this when it comes into flower (July - Sept)
(One clump is already as tall as me & I haven't staked it so no high winds please!)
Have a great weekend everyone, wherever you are & whatever you are doing. FAB


  1. Such beauty in the garden! The B&W photo is a nice touch.

  2. Hi franl,
    Wow yes this looks like a bloom... Not that nice for allergic people like me, I will not be able to stand in your garden ;-) I like the B&W treatment on the last one! Well done.

  3. You've got some really nice plants in your garden Frank.
    Mine seems a few weeks behind at the moment.

  4. I want to walk your gardens with you.

    The macro of the rose- took my breath away.

    Bury your nose in the flowers for me!!

  5. Oh wow!! wonderful flower pictures Frank. You must have a rockin Fabulous garden....I love gardening takes your mind off your worries and you reap the rewards just look at your lovely lovely flowers :)

  6. I just posted photos of Mock Orange and Spirea today too. I guess our gardens are in sync despite the the thousands of miles apart! I have the mock orange not that far from a honeysuckle. Both are outside our bedroom window and the fragrance is intoxicating when we open the windows. They are powerful! I love the flower pics..more please :)

  7. What beautiful blooms in your garden.

  8. So beautiful Frank. Your yard must smell lovely.

  9. Beautiful photos of beautiful flowers, Frank. Not seen a pink Spirea before. It looks really pretty.

  10. I'll post some of the ''blooms'' in my wildlife garden, now you've given me a taste gor it!

  11. Beautiful flowers in your garden Frank! Thanks for sharing them. :c)

  12. Gorgeous photos of beautiful blooms Frank, mouthwatering!

  13. Such lovely blooms, Frank! I'm in a bit of a "lull" right now, waiting for my daylillies and monarda to open up and shine!

  14. Hi "Early Birders". I'm so glad you enjoyed the colour in my garden.

    Mona, the B/W was a taster so I may try some more in future.

    Chris. Probably just as well you are so far away. You could wear a mask?

    Keith. Thanks friend, I'm sure yours will soon catch up. We need some prolonged sunshine.

    Lynne. Anytime. The roses are at their best early am. I sniffed for you & it was lovely.

    Crista. Me too. It's been allowed to develop under it's own steam & definitely provides an escape for me.

    NW Nature Nut. Amazing similarity. I will try to post more pics for you in future.

    Nature Stop. Thanks.

    Kim. The two climbing roses have done particularly well this season. Must be all the rain last year held deep in the heavy clay soil!

    Midmarsh John. The pink Spirea is a dwarf form & not in the best position but performing well this year.

    Warren. Good on yer, can't wait to look see.

    Jayne. Happy to oblige.

    Jan. Thanks.

    Heather. I've tried both in the past but for some reason (probably the lack of a sunny positions as the garden has become more shaded) they failed to come thro' the winter.

  15. What a lovely place to stroll. Your images and flowers are beautiful!

  16. Vickie. Thank you so much for dropping by & leaving your appreciative comments on my recent posts.

  17. Beautiful garden photography!


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