Saturday, 22 October 2016

Young House Sparrows.

Once a very common visitor to our garden the House Sparrow is now somewhat of a rarity although one or two drop in for a brief feeding session from time to time. 

A trip to a coastal marsh last month provided an ideal opportunity to watch a party of youngsters in the company of their parents as they snacked on the abundant seeds.

The final shot was taken just after one youngster emerged, a little disheveled, from a waterside ditch.

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  1. If House Sparrows are getting rare in your area, come to my area. We've got plenty to share.

  2. Lovely shots. I had a lot of young Sparrows visit my garden this year

  3. Hello!:) Beautiful captures Frank!:) That last shot is fantastic! I have always liked these small brown birds, but don't often see them where I live. Saw plenty in the south of Portugal this year however.

  4. Great photos - love them in with the grasses.

  5. Hello, cute shots of the sparrows. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, have a happy weekend!

  6. Nice shots of the sparrows!
    The (introduced) House sparrow is thriving here in Tasmania. Often 40 or 50 in the backyard.

  7. Hello Frank
    It's not easy to put the focus in the dense reeds, but you've got the perfect shot
    Great series
    Greetings Frank

  8. Lovely to see these little beauties Frank, and they seem to be doing well again in some areas? I'm lucky that I have 20-25 visit my garden/feeders most days, the sound of their non stop 'chatter' brings back memories of my childhood when it seemed to be omnipresent!...[;o)

  9. Hello Frank,
    Nice series of pics of these lovely House Sparrows!


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