Wednesday, 27 June 2012


After the trials and tribulations of the past few weeks it now feels right to start posting again.

The Siskin (Carduelis spinus) is a smallish finch that I usually associate with winter when large flocks can often been seen nimbly hanging from very thin twigs high overhead while feeding amoungst Birch or Alder. For some years my parents have reported a pair or two visiting their feeders during the Summer months and during a very recent trip home I had a very brief opportunity to take a few snaps through the kitchen window.

 I'm sure this male was aware that someone was paying him some attention from the other side of the glass!


  1. Good to see you back posting.
    We have the Pine Siskin here which seems to have similar habits. It's an eruptive so some years we have large flocks and then can go a few years without seeing any.

  2. glad to have you back, frank. these are bright little birds.

  3. Lovely bird and a pretty color. It reminds me more of our Goldfinch than the Pine Siskins I see here. Great shots.

  4. Missed you...glad you're back. Very nice photos. We have Siskins here, but quite different looking from yours.

  5. Now, he looks our American Goldfinches with his black cap. Our pine siskins are stripey little guys who constantly bicker with each other at the feeder. I usually have them here in the winter.

  6. Thanks Red. Yes, definite similarities between these two species.

    Thanks Theresa. They certainly brightened up my day.

    Thank you Mona. It's feels good to be back to some form of normality.

    Hi Caroline and Eileen. Yes, the male is much more colourful and I can see the resemblance to the Am Goldfinch.

  7. A lovely visitor to have in the garden.

  8. It's a lovely bird I have yet to see in my garden Frank.. Great images.

  9. One of my Favs Frank - I get them regularly in Winter and into very Early Spring.

  10. Thanks Mary.

    Cheers John ... just a pity it wasn't my garden!

    Andrew. I've only ever seen a single individual in the depths of winter visiting my feeder.

    Dave. You are fortunate to see them so often.


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